RAS Equipment Design and Manufacturing in Bangladesh

RAS Equipment Design and Manufacturing in Bangladesh
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We Design and Manufacture Quality RAS Equipment.
Our Most Equipment is Made of Fiber Glass and Stainless Steel. Quality is Our First Priority for this Project Equipment Manufacturing. We Also Select Quality Products for imported items.

Which Equipment do We Make Locally?

  1. Mechanical Rotary Drum Filter, 2. Protein Skimmer, 3. Bio-Reactor, 4. Trickling Filter, 5. FRP Tanks

The right solution. The right equipment. The right size

All Equipment and Tanks are Auto Cleaning and Easy Maintenance. All Parts are available in the market. CADSON Also Provide One Year of Free Maintenance Service if Required.
We Always Try to Design & Manufacture Cost-Effective products. But Not Cheaper.
We also have exclusive relationships with the top equipment manufacturers, so our systems use only the highest quality components to deliver durability and reliability. And we’re there every step of the way to steer your project to success – from design and development to training personnel and fine-tuning processes and procedures to make sure things are working seamlessly.

We are Committed to Our Clients to Provide Our Best Emergency Service.

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