Conveyor Manufacturing in Bangladesh

Conveyor Manufacturing in Bangladesh
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Smart Material Transport System

CADSON is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of top-grade conveyor machines in Bangladesh. We Have Long Experience in Conveyor Design, Machine Design and System Design. Some conveyors we manufacture and supply include gravity roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors, belt conveyors, power conveyors, vertical conveyors and chain conveyors. Depending on where conveyors are required in the assembly lines, we can provide products that perfectly cater to our client’s needs.

Benefits of Conveyors

With the help of our conveyors, you can not only boost the speed of production but also greatly reduce the cost of labour. Conveyors can also streamline the whole assembly process. It is therefore no wonder that most industries prefer to invest in conveyors. Well-structured conveyors can help in smoothly transferring various materials and products from one point to the other. The growing need for automation solutions in Bangladesh has made it necessary for companies to get dynamic and efficient conveyors for their business needs.

Conveyor Uses

It is due to this reason that various products like loading unloading conveyors, automotive conveyors, mining conveyors, agricultural conveyors, conveyors for electronic products, conveyors for computer systems and peripherals, food processing conveyors, aerospace conveyors, pharmaceutical conveyors, chemical conveyors, conveyors for plywood and woodworking manufacturing purposes, conveyors for canning and bottling, print finishing conveyors, packaging conveyors and other products are in such great demand.

If you are associated with the business of handling packaged and unpacked foods, processed or raw products, cans and bottles, scrap metals, automotive components, cartons or bags, pills and powders, wood and furniture as well as electronic and electrical goods, then you should definitely get in touch with us to buy the best quality conveyors in the market.

42 in Belt Width 30 ft Long Belt Conveyor with 20 deg Angle ( Max Load 50 kg/ m2)

24 in Belt Width 34 ft Long Belt Conveyor with 26 deg Angle ( Max Load 30 kg/ m2)

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Conquer Loading and Unloading Challenges with the Portable Conveyor and Hydraulic Lift System from Cadson Engineering & Services

Say goodbye to backaches, manpower struggles, and inefficient loading and unloading with the revolutionary Portable Conveyor and Hydraulic Lift System from Cadson Engineering & Services. This dynamic duo brings unmatched ease and efficiency to material handling across various industries and applications.

Unleash the power of flexibility:

  • Portable convenience: Lightweight and mobile, this system tackles diverse needs, seamlessly moving from trucks to warehouses, production lines to storage spaces. No more wrestling with fixed conveyors or cumbersome equipment.
  • Tailored configurations: Choose from a range of conveyor lengths and belt options to perfectly match your specific material handling requirements. From delicate electronics to heavy machinery parts, there’s a configuration for every challenge.
  • Effortless adjustments: The integrated hydraulic lift system empowers you to effortlessly adjust the conveyor height, matching it precisely to truck beds, platforms, or any loading level.

Hydraulic marvels for effortless operation:

  • Smooth lifting power: The robust hydraulic system ensures smooth and precise elevation, minimizing strain on users and preventing material damage.
  • Enhanced safety: Safety features like automatic shutoff and overload protection guarantee a worry-free operation, keeping both users and equipment safe.
  • Long-lasting performance: Made with high-quality materials and meticulous engineering, this system is built to endure demanding tasks and withstand years of heavy use.

Boosting efficiency across industries:

  • Logistics and transportation: Streamline loading and unloading of trucks, containers, and trailers, slashing turnaround times and minimizing manpower needs.
  • Manufacturing and warehousing: Move materials effortlessly within production lines, warehouses, and storage facilities, optimizing workflow and maximizing productivity.
  • Construction and agriculture: Tackle bulk material handling with ease, from loading trucks with sand and gravel to transporting harvested crops in farms.

Cadson Engineering & Services – Your partner in material handling solutions:

We don’t just offer equipment; we offer expertise. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you find the perfect Portable Conveyor and Hydraulic Lift System for your specific needs, providing insightful recommendations and comprehensive support every step of the way.

Invest in convenience, boost efficiency, and conquer loading and unloading challenges with the Portable Conveyor and Hydraulic Lift System from Cadson Engineering & Services. Contact us today and unlock a world of possibilities, one smooth glide at a time.

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