Roti Making Machine Made in Bangladesh

Roti Making Machine Made in Bangladesh
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We are introducing you to the latest concept of bulk Roti / Chapatti making, which will leave you fascinated. You will be amazed to experience this fine way of Roti / Chapatti making and will feel the essence of naturally puffed and baked Roti’s / Chapatti’s that remain very soft & fresh even after hours of making.

CADSON manufactures an excellent, high quality and easy to use automatic Chapatti making machine under the Brand name “CADSON”. We provide the best roti / chapatti cooking system in Bangladesh to save time and labour. CADSON ROTI MACHINE is very compact does occupies less space. CADSON ROTI MACHINE – can use either Natural Gas or LPG or Electricity as an oven heating source. All the machines of CADSON ROTI MACHINE are operated by 220V AC.

CADSON ROTI MACHINE – can make 900 Chapattis in one hour. The Chapattis made by CADSON ROTI MACHINE are totally like homemade and 100% Hygienic. You can use any kind of flour for making soft and high-quality Roti’s / Chapatti’s in mass numbers and in a short time.

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Fully Automatic Roti Machine

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Semi Automatic Roti Machine
Roti Machine 2023

Ditch the Dough, Embrace Convenience: Introducing the Automatic Roti Making Machine (900 Rotis/Hour)

Forget the endless kneading, the floured countertops, and the tired sighs – enter the age of convenience with the Automatic Roti Making Machine from Cadson Engineering & Services. This marvel of engineering cranks out a whopping 900 perfectly puffed rotis per hour, transforming roti-making from a time-consuming chore to a culinary breeze.

Say goodbye to:

  • Aching arms: No more endless rolling and flattening dough. This machine does the heavy lifting, preserving your precious energy for savoring the finished product.
  • Uneven rotis: Forget inconsistent thickness and burnt patches. This machine ensures consistently cooked, uniform rotis every single time.
  • Wasted time: Free yourself from the kitchen and dedicate your time to what truly matters. This machine lets you multitask while it churns out rotis like a champion.

Embrace the power of automation:

  • Effortless operation: Simply feed the dough and watch the magic unfold. The machine effortlessly kneads, rolls, and cooks the rotis, leaving you with minimal cleanup.
  • Adjustable thickness: From delicate phulkas to hearty tandoori rotis, choose your desired thickness for perfect customization.
  • Hygienic and efficient: The enclosed cooking chamber and smooth surfaces ensure a clean and sanitary process, while the high capacity caters to large families or commercial needs.

More than just rotis:

  • Versatility redefined: This machine isn’t a one-trick pony. Explore endless possibilities with tortillas, puris, crepes, and other flatbreads, expanding your culinary repertoire.
  • Durability built to last: Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, this machine promises years of reliable service, making it a worthwhile investment.
  • Peace of mind guarantee: Backed by the expertise of Cadson Engineering & Services, you can expect exceptional customer support and readily available spare parts for a worry-free experience.

Invest in convenience, invest in quality, invest in the Automatic Roti Making Machine. Let it handle the hard work while you focus on enjoying the delicious rewards. Visit Cadson Engineering & Services today and unlock a world of possibilities, one perfectly cooked roti at a time.

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