Oil Press & Hydraulics

Oil Press & Hydraulics
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We Design & Manufacturing Hydraulic Power Press (C-Type and H-Type) with Die, Punch, and Jig Fixer for Industrial work. we also do hydraulic lifts for industrial material lifting. we have a hydraulic oil press manual and automatic for cold and hot oil pressing.

Unveiling Power and Precision: The C-Type Hydraulic Power Press for Industrial and Leaf Spring Production

The C-type hydraulic power press – a stalwart in the industrial landscape – stands as a testament to its unwavering strength and meticulous control. Its robust frame and powerful hydraulics combine to deliver exceptional force, making it a prime choice for a diverse range of applications, particularly in the demanding world of leaf spring production.

Built for Enduring Power:

  • Sturdy C-frame construction: The rigid C-frame design provides exceptional stability and resistance to deflection, ensuring consistent and accurate pressing even under immense loads.
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinder: The heart of the machine, the hydraulic cylinder delivers the raw power needed for demanding tasks like forming and shaping metal components.
  • Precise pressure control: Advanced control systems ensure fine-tuned pressure regulation, allowing for delicate operations and consistent results with minimal variance.

Unleashing Efficiency in Leaf Spring Production:

  • Versatile operation: The C-type press excels in various leaf spring manufacturing processes, including eye forming, bending, and coining.
  • Improved accuracy: With precise control over pressure and ram movement, the press minimizes dimensional variations and ensures consistent spring performance.
  • Enhanced productivity: High press speeds and rapid cycle times optimize production timelines, boosting output and maximizing efficiency.

Beyond Leaf Springs:

  • Metal forming and shaping: The press’s adaptability caters to diverse forming needs, ranging from simple bends to complex shapes, across various materials.
  • Punching and shearing: Its power and precision make it ideal for punching holes and shearing sheets of metal with clean, accurate cuts.
  • Embossing and coining: The press’s controlled force lends itself perfectly to creating intricate patterns and raised designs on metal surfaces.

A testament to Cadson Engineering & Services:

  • Uncompromising quality: At Cadson, we prioritize exceptional craftsmanship and utilize only the highest-grade materials to ensure the press’s unwavering performance and longevity.
  • Customization options: We understand your unique needs and offer a range of customizable features, including stroke lengths, platen sizes, and control systems, to perfectly tailor the press to your specific requirements.
  • Unwavering support: Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support, from initial consultation and installation to ongoing maintenance and service, ensuring your C-type press operates at peak efficiency for years to come.


The C-type hydraulic power press is more than just a machine; it’s a reliable partner in forging precision and productivity. Its enduring strength, meticulous control, and versatility make it an invaluable asset for any industrial setting, particularly in the demanding world of leaf spring production. At Cadson Engineering & Services, we take pride in offering this powerhouse press, backed by our unwavering commitment to quality, customization, and support.

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Die- Punch for Leaf-Spring Hole Punching (Made in Bangladesh)

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