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Project Design

Recirculating Aquaculture System Design and Equipment Manufacturing

Machine Design

Machine design is our Passion and Profession with Pricision and Skill.

System Automation

PLC Automation and HMI interface design with Proffesional Graphics Design


Concept Design and Prototyping is Our Passion and Profession.

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  • High-Quality Conveyor Solutions for Every Need
    June 13, 2024 No Comments CADSON Engineering & Services High-Quality Conveyor Solutions for Every Need Introduction Welcome to CADSON Engineering & Services, your trusted partner in conveyor technology. With over 30 years of design experience and a commitment to innovation, we provide robust, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise encompasses a wide range

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  • Electric Trolley Research
    June 13, 2024 No Comments Let's recalculate with the given parameters: Wheel Diameter: 420 mm (0.42 meters), so the radius is 0.21 meters Motor Power: 1500W Battery Configuration: 5 × 12V 120Ah batteries Total Load: 500 kg Trolley Weight (including batteries): 250 kg Effective Load on Motor: 60% due to accelerator usage Total Weight (Load + Trolley): 500 kg +

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  • Calling All Visionaries and Trailblazers!
    December 25, 2023 No Comments As we celebrate the joyous season and usher in the promise of a New Year, CADSON Engineering & Services extends a warm invitation to all individuals and companies with a passion for innovation and a drive for success. If you're captivated by the groundbreaking machines and inventions showcased in our journey since 2004, we invite

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Watch Videos CADSON was founded in 2004, and in this historical Journey of CADSON, Provided Lots of Mechanical Design, Machine Manufacturing, Steel Fabrication and PLC Automation Works. The Founder of CADSON, Mr. James Martin Adhikary is a Mechatronics Engineer and Inventor. He is the Key person behind all the innovation works done by CADSON.
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