Roti Machine

Roti Machine

We are introducing you to the latest concept of bulk Chapatti making, which will leave you fascinated. You will be amazed to experience this fine way of Chapatti making and will feel the essence of naturally puffed and baked Chapatti’s that remain very soft & fresh even after hours of making.

CADSON manufactures an excellent, high quality, and easy to use automatic Chapatti making machine under the Brand name “MARTIN”. We provide the best chapatti cooking system in Bangladesh to save time and labor. MARTIN ROTI MACHINE is very compact does occupies less space. MARTIN ROTI MACHINE – can use either Natural Gas or LPG or Electricity as an oven heating source. All the machines of MARTIN ROTI MACHINE are operated by 220V AC.

MARTIN ROTI MACHINE – can make 900 Chapattis in one hour. The Chapattis made by MARTIN ROTI MACHINE is totally homemade and 100% Hygienic. You can use any kind of flour for making soft and high-quality Chapattis in mass numbers and in a short time.

Our Valuable Clients:

Martin Roti Hand Press

Most suitable for:

Hotels, Restaurants, Hostels, College Canteens, Hospital Canteens, Factory Canteens, Aviation Canteens, Caterers, Chapathi Manufacturers and Joint Family Houses, etc.

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