Project Design

Project Design

Re-Circulating System Design is first Part of Project Works. After Calculation & Design You Can Estimate Your Project Budget According To Your Requirement. Mostly Designers are use 2D AutoCAD Design for this Engineering Design.

CADSON Use Solidworks 3D CAD Software to Design RAS Project & Equipment. This is Better then 2D Drawings to understand Actual Situation like Prototype.

CADSON Follow SRAC Rules & Engineering during Project Design.

Bangladesh Have More Challenge then Other countries. So, That Customize RAS Design is More Important to Make Project Viable. Project Calculation & Design Depends on Project Size, Type of Fish, Water Quality.

We Focused on Water Quality, Safety Automation and Minimizing the Electric Load. Remember That, In Bangladesh Feed Quality Demand High Flow Rate & Oxygen which increase Electric Load. So That, Pump Selection & Automation is More Important to Reduce the Operating Cost.


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