Manufacturing Gallery

Manufacturing Gallery
CADSON Equipment Manufacturing for RAS Indoor Fish Farm,Aquaculture and Pond Culture

We do the fabrication work for Bangladesh in our own workshop to reduce import cost and price. Such as making tanks and drum filters. The bodies of bio filters and tricoling filters are designed by our Australian engineers in our workshop. They are made using high quality fiber glass and stainless steel materials. So this equipment is more durable than the equipment made by PP material.
Various types of media, pumps, oxygen generators for other equipment such as filters are imported. Due to the presence of seven types of media in our filters, the highest quality of water is under control. Our tanks and all filters are cleaned automatically.
So ammonia does not increase when dirt accumulates in the tank. Do not put too much pressure on the filter. The drum filter gets more rest. The media of the bio filter is not bulk by excess dead colony or is not bulk by dirt. So it will work the same way all the time.

Countries near us can import all our equipment from Bangladesh and directly import all the things we import.


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