CADSON RAS Equipment

CADSON RAS Equipment


Tank Design:

Let’s begin with the first and foremost thing about Culture Tanks. We have Circular and Octagonal shaped tanks made of Fiberglass. The shape and material itself are a specialty. First of all, Many RAS project has other shapes like Square, Rectangle, Hexagonal, D‐shaped or Capsule shaped. In those shapes the water velocity of the Current is difficult. But, in a Circle & Octagonal shaped tank, it is way easier to process the water velocity in a circular way. The Fishes get perfect exercise as they try swimming against the current. We also have High-pressure nozzles to control the speed at which the water will circulate. This is important as different sizes and ages of fish swim at different velocities. So according to their length, the speed is fixed. For example, if the fish length is 6 cm then the velocity required or preferred for them would be 6 cm/s. Now for the material of the tank. Fiberglass is an excellent bio‐media for nitrification works. In the RAS, 30% of the nitrification is done by the tank surface. Also, it is something of mentioning that it has a smooth surface on the inside. So the fish swimming around in the tank doesn’t get any scratch from the Tank surface, and the water force makes the surface always clean. FRP Material also is durable and safe in Water. This Circular shape is selected according to another essential part is Eco trap. The Eco trap is a great addition that helps in cleaning the wastes from the tank. It is more efficient in circular tanks due to the better waste draining. Eco trap is a small compartment built right at the bottom of the tank. Which has a two-way filtration. It filters the wasted waters to the Mechanical filter or Drum filter. And the solid wastes go up to the Waste Collector with a little amount of water. Due to this inclusion, the Drum filter gets to rest, which helps to save energy. The water level of the Tanks can be controlled according to the Biomass density of the tanks and it also saves energy by the flow rate control. Energy-saving is a very important part of our RAS Project Design. Most of the other RAS around the world do not have this Eco trap and waste collector system. In the other trap systems, the wastes are only filtered out or cleaned after a definite time. Whereas Eco trap cleans the tank in a rapid and continuous process.


Fiber Glass Fish Culture Tank with Eco-Trap

In the design, the particle removal will already start at the tank level. Each tank is equipped with particle traps and sludge collectors. 50% of the suspended matter in a recirculation system is removed with this Eco particle Trap removal system and it takes less than 5 minutes from when the particles get sedimented on the bottom of the tanks until they go into the particle trap and on to a sludge collector on the outside of the tank. By taking out such a big proportion of the particles at this stage, one can get big savings during further water treatment because the following water treatment components can be scaled down. For further removal of small particles a Drum filter or belt filter is often chosen.

Bio‐Filters (Heart of RAS):

Moving to the more complex part of the RAS Filtration is the BIO filter. We use the world’s best Bio Media; The German biochip has a lot of surface area which helps in increasing the number of colony and thus nitrification. The bio‐filter system requires 2 types of filtration. Aerobic and Anaerobic. Both houses different types of bacteria for nitrification & de‐nitrification. First the Moving Bio Bed Reactor (MBBR) is the aerobic part of the bio‐filter. It has two types of aeration; Pump & Air. This makes sure that dead bacteria are washed away to make space for new bacteria. The two types are used according to the need, for better energy saving rather than using them every day continuously.

Next is the Trickling filter which houses both Aerobic & Anaerobic bacteria. Due to the mass number of
bacteria colony, the filtration of the water is magnificent. The trickling filter does five things by itself.
Namely; Nitrification, De‐nitrification, Degassing, pH control& Low Level oxygenation.

Protein Skimmer:

Protein Skimmer life support system , provides safe, high quality water and stable conditions to the aquarium and aquaculture industry. Protein Skimmer filtration systems remove mechanically 90% of the dissolved organics, proteins, fish food remains & tints from the water column. protein skimmer technology lowers bacteria and pathogen concentrations on the water. Above all, a professional Protein Skimmer should maximize saturation of oxygen in the water while it mixes and dissolves liquid oxygen and ozone. Our Skimmer Specially Customize to Save Aeration Pumping Cost and Double Aeration system can give rest pump motor. Body Made by Fiber Glass for Long life.

Rotary Drum Filter

Drum filter is a rotating drum screen filter. Drum with the filter, when placed in water work drum, 2/5 filter submerged in water, waste water to be treated axially into the drum, by the screen outflow water impurities (sand, manure, fish scales, feed, organic matter, etc.) are trapped in the filter on the inner surface of the drum. When trapped in the filter impurities are brought to the upper part of the drum, is outside the screen backwash water will flow out into the sewage tank to achieve solid and liquid phases are separated.
In the practical engineering, the filter is widely applied, filtering effect is good. Micro-filtration machine belongs to the mechanical and physical filtration method, have better application in the circulating water aquaculture water treatment effect, to a large number of plankton, quickly and effectively remove the water and the bait, excrement and other debris (fiber, granules, flakes, etc.). Microfiltration machine is reducing load biological treatment, is to improve the efficiency of water treatment, the most fast and economic method.


No more need to change baskets for different size fish. These graders float at the right depth and the large diameter grader bars pass undersized fish damage-free.

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