Argo Park

Argo Park

Dream Concept Of James Martin Adhikary

Land Area: 50-100 Bigha
Aquatic Eco Park

What is Agro Park? :

This is an Agro-Industry, where an Indoor fish Farms run by the RAS method will produce fry from egg and fingerlings culture in a very high density (80 kg/m3) to Grow-out Market size. A live feed system will be prepared baby food for Fry. Floating feed will be made for grow-out fish in their own feed mill. On the other hand, large varieties of fish will be cultivated in the pond and in high density (30kg/m3). 50% of food consumption will be reduced by feed making. Feed mill waste will be used as fish food for large fish in the Pond. In the RAS Project Electricity cost is a big challenge. After the Automation of Water Parameter controlling found that 20Taka Electricity costs required for 1 kg of fish production in RAS. Whereas in this Agro Park Design we have Cow Farm and Bio-Gas Power plant Run by Cow dung. This is very much possible to run the whole Agro Park with this Free Electricity from Bio-Gas. From Bio-Gas waste, we design a vermicomposting fertilizer Project, which makes money from Waste. We also use a few wastewaters of the RAS Project in the Bio-Gas Plant to make the cow dung liquid and improve Gas Productivity. RAS Fish solid is a high-grade Fertilizer and nutrient for Plant. We will sell that Fish Waste after bagging in a geo bag.
Cow Dairy & Beef Fattening Project one of the Main parts of Agro Park. Here we keep a cow healthy and also maintain a productive life? To improve animal health and animal well‑being, we need to consider the seven privileges of the pasture: sufficient water, light, space, feed, rest, air, and health.
The barn Design is Very Important for Management, Climate Conditions, and Culture to ensure Productivity. CADSON will be Design a Free Cow Traffic system and import Robotic Milking & Cleaning System for Cow Farm. The milk-first pre-selection system works with PMR feeding strategies requiring a minimum of only 20 percent average grain consumption (dry matter basis) per cow per day delivered through the robot. With this system, you cannot determine how many times cows enter the commitment pen or feed lane. Furthermore, there is no way to guide a cow to be milked more consistently. On the other hand, there are no fences inside the main barn, which allows cows to move freely. Therefore it is important that cows have a safe place to groom. A cow brush is a perfect tool for cows to satisfy their grooming needs. It is safe, helps to reduce stress, and keeps the coat clean. Its increases the Blood circulation of cows.

CADSON also Design a Vertically Extended Hydroponic Grass Culture System to save space and save feed cost for Cow farm. This Grasses increase cow milk and health.

Following Projects are included in this Agro Park:

  1. Fish Hatchery, Nursery & Brood stock with Live Feed System
  2. RAS Grow Out Culture System
  3. Fish Processing Unit
  4. Large Pond Culture System for Large Fish
  5. Feed Mill
  6. Cow Dairy & Beef Fattening
  7. Hydroponic Grass Culture
  8. Milk Processing Unit
  9. Vermicomposting Fertilizer System
  10. Bio- Gas Plant
  11. Power Plant with Sub-station (operated by Bio Gas)
  12. Office Building
  13. Staff & Office Quarter
  14. Water Fall & Aquarium decoration
  15. Road & Exterior Garden Decoration

CADSON will do This Project works by following steps.

  1. Submitting Concept design of Agro Park.
  2. Signup MOU.
  3. Start Design Works and sourcing after Receiving Advance Payment of Design
  4. Submitting final Project offer after completion of RAS & Hatchery Project design.
  5. Start RAS & Hatchery Project Works after Advance Payment of the RAS Project.
  6. Similarly, Step by step we submit Design and Offer for All Unit of Agro Park.
  7. Finally, we source Bio-Gas Plant & Power plant from aboard. 

Our Activities:

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