Aquaculture Engineering

Aquaculture Engineering

Aquaculture intelligence

Our Australian Designers have 30 Years of Experience in Recirculating Aquaculture System Design. The Only Do Our Large Projects Design works. Mostly they work for Hatchery Nursery & Brood Stock.

What CADSON does to complete the RAS Project?

Calculation & Dimensioning:

Calculating Tank Size, Sump size, Biomass, Filter Capacity, Oxygen demand, Flowrate etc. according to required RAS Project. Go To RAS Calculation Page

Schematic Conceptual Layout Design of Project.

Engineering Calculation and Simulation for All Pipe Lines.

After Found all Measurement and Dimensions, We sourcing Pumps, Plumbing fittings, imported equipment and Materials for this Project Engineering Design.

Solidworks 3D CAD Design for Engineering Drawing.   
In this step we design Customize Equipment design like Bio-Filters, Skimmers, Drum filter etc. After that we install all Equipment in 3D Design and Routing all Pipe lines and adjust space and heights of Tanks and Filter to Match Gravity flow to save pumping energy.

Manufacturing Tanks & Filters.

During Equipment Making Time We Provide Design and Supervision for Site Building and Utility.

Installation and Plumbing Works.

Electrification & Automation.

We make Electric Panel Boxes during Equipment Manufacturing. After Installation we supervise electric cabling works and Install PLC Program then make test run and Troubleshooting.

After That, Run the Project with minimum flow rate to activate Bio-Filters for 30 Days. And start Operational Training.  

Other Activities:

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