About Inventor

About Inventor
CADSON Equipment Manufacturing for RAS Indoor Fish Farm, Aquaculture and Pond Culture

Name: James Martin Adhikary (Founder & System Designer of CADSON)
Date of Birth: 21 March’ 1970
Birth Place & Country: Barisal, Bangladesh
Mechanical Engineering & Design Experience: 30 Years

Engineering Education: Mechanical Engineering from MIT, Mirpur, Dhaka.

Experience, Education & Research In aquaculture science and Water technology:

  1. Studied Aquaculture Engineering (2nd Edition) of Odd-Ivar Lekang.
  2. Studied SRAC Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.
  3. 4 Years Research for RAS Culture in own designed system.
  4. 10 years’ experience of System Design in Solidworks.
  5. 15 Years’ Experience of WTP & ETP Water Treatment Plant Operation & Maintenance.

And 4 years’ Experience of Multiple Feed Mill Erecting, Automation and Feed Formulation works. Better Knowledge about fish activities and Water Biological Treatment.

He did several Following Innovating projects in Bangladesh:

  1. EVM ( Electronic Voting Machine)
  2. Industrial Material Lift 
  3. PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment) Controller
  4. MARTIN Drawbot ( CNC Writing & Drawing Machine)
  5. MARTIN Eggbot ( CNC Egg or Ball Designing Machine)
  6. PLC Controlled Boiler Machine 
  7. PLC Controlled Roti / Chapati / Tortilla Making Machine 
  8. MARTIN RAS System Design
  9. Micro RAS System Design for Farmer
  10. International Standard RAS Equipment Design & Production in Bangladesh.
  11. Agro Industrial Park Design.   
  12. RAS Equipment & Project 3D CAD Designer for Stavras in Cyprus
  13. Tank Design Works for Enduramaxx Fluid Management system, UK.

And much more Garment Workstation he designed and supplied for increasing Garment productivity .


  • Director of Fish Lab Ltd. (Belgium & Bangladesh Joint venture Co.) 
  • Partnership company forming in Tanzania is Under Process (1000 MT Full Composite with Manufacturing Workshop )
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